Begin. Again.

I spend a lot of time not starting. Because I want everything right now.

I want what I write to be perfect right now. I want what I say to have an impact right now. It’s not just that I want things, I want them now.

Most of us have a vision. We know how we want to be seen and perceived, and yet, we fail to embrace what it means to bring that vision to life. Often it’s because what we want seems impossible. But it’s not that. Our dreams or end goal are not impossible. Where we lose focus is when we underestimate the time it takes to make them a reality or the work involved in bringing them to fruition. Just because our brain goes from seed to flower in one second, doesn’t mean the path to achievement is in the same snap of the finger.

And you wouldn’t want it to be. If you listen to anyone whose anyone’s story, there’s a commonality: they made it to the ‘top’/achieved their goal, and the satisfaction, happiness or whatever feeling they were striving for didn’t follow. Or what they thought they wanted becomes their worst nightmare.

And so they begin again.

But this time, they think about why they want what they want. Because if they’re going to put in the hard work, fail and start again, it had better be because they want it, not because someone else does.

The difference between someone living out their vision and someone living out another’s vision is the satisfaction in the journey, not the destination. The satisfaction now, not later.

Because the journey can be f*cking tough. It can be brutal. It can feel never-ending. Probably because it always will be. But somewhere along the way, the toughest times turn into our deepest moments of gratitude. And you understand that had you not tried that, you wouldn’t have known to never do it again. Had you not been turned away, you wouldn’t have built up the resilience to shrug it off and try a new way.

The key to achieving your vision is in the consistency of the repetitive act of starting again. Repetition is mastery. And there are times when you find yourself ‘going backward’ only to course-correct and move forward. Again. And again. But each time you move backward you’ve accumulated experiences that make you ready to move forward once more. It’s like climbing a mountain. You can keep going up but once you hit high altitudes, you have to come back down, just a little — not to the bottom of the mountain — but just a little to acclimate and prepare for the journey ahead. If you don’t come back down, you just may die because you haven’t prepared your body for what’s to come. Life is the same. You need to prepare your body and mind for what is to come, and release what is no longer yours to keep journeying with. Remember, the view from the top wouldn’t be as satisfying if you had driven up.

Begin means to start. It doesn’t tell you where from. But if you continue to begin building your life from where you have come from, rather than where you want to be, you will continue to journey backward. Take the lessons, not the outcomes.

And begin. Again.